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Discover Venti-App - the app that gives you full control over your HRV Hokkaido ventilation system!

At home or on the go, with Venti-App, managing your Hokkaido ventilation system is easier than ever before. Venti-App provides a user-friendly interface to intuitively adjust the performance and settings of your ventilation system. Whether you own a smart home or just want to enjoy the convenience of intelligent ventilation control - Venti-App is the ideal solution.

  1. The keypad input on the smartphone is transmitted directly to your Hokkaido ventilation system via the server and can be done completely independent of location.
  2. The commands are forwarded from the server to our ventilation system.
  3. The system sends data back to the server and from there to your mobile phone.
  4. The operating status and current measurement data, such as temperature or air quality, are displayed live on the smartphone.
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Options and functions

  • Set fan speeds and various operating modes
  • Custom time settings for fans
  • Temperature, CO₂, and humidity display
  • View measurement data
  • Turn on and off fan units
  • Filter change indicator
  • Create groups for apartment areas

You've left your house but forgot to turn up the ventilation...

Or maybe you want to improve the air quality before you come home...

No problem at all!

With the Venti-App, you have full control over your ventilation system,
wherever you are!

Intuitive operation

The user interface is designed identically to the hardware installed in your apartment but offers even more customization options.

The detailed statistics and reports provide you with a better understanding of the room situation and the efficiency of your ventilation system.

You can optimize energy consumption,

reduce costs,

and at the same time, protect the environment!

The main screen displays the active fan speed and mode of the respective room. All essential current data is also visible on the main screen.

Here is an example of the temperature trend from the living room. On the Data Recordings page, in addition to the daily trend, data from the last week, last month, or up to a year can be viewed. With temperature, humidity, and CO₂ levels, you have an overview of the three most important indoor air factors.