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Ductless total heat exchange ventilation system type 1
"Seseragi®" (heat storage element) sample

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Ductless heat exchange ventilation system type 1 "Seseragi®" catalogue
semi-order made Hokkaido wood floor louvre catalogue

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Questions regarding the semi-order made Hokkaido wood floor louvre

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"Seseragi®" request for quotation
Request for ventilation calculation

We kindly ask those, who are considering to buy the PEJ super ventilation system "Seseragi®" to once again confirm all necessary documents, to ensure a reliable proposal.

Basic information

*In case the above mentioned information is incomplete
The ceiling height will be assumed to be 2,400 mm.
The thickness of the wall will be assumed to be 110 - 380 mm and we will propose products tailored to the local climate.
If you attach the above mentioned diagrams, we can make more detailed proposals.
(Please use "jww", "dxf" or "pdf" for the attached file format.)

These limitations do not apply to regular customers with whom we have agreed on standard product specifications.

Estimated response timeframe

Including the day of placing the order, we will present a proposal within 3 business days.
(Weekends, national holidays and new year excluded)
In case of urgency, please contact us directly by phone or email.

Dedicated email address for quotation requests

Please send your quotation request and all required documents via email.
Please download the "Seseragi® quotation request form" below, attach all necessary documents such as diagrams and send them to

"Seseragi®" quotation request form

Quotation requests for the semi-order made Hokkaido wood floor louvre can be made here

semi-order made Hokkaido wood floor louvre quotation request


  • Direct installation on the wall, eliminating the need for cumbersome duct piping; easy installation.
  • More freedom in terms of design due to the absence of a duct
  • The DC motor fan only consumes up to 1.6 W/h; a super energy saving product.
  • The heat exchange efficiency of the "Seseragi®" is up to 93%, which is world-class level.
  • Easy maintenance due to simple construction
  • Replacement filters can be bought at our Amazon shop.

The number of individual units depends on the size and layout of the building.
For general housing purposes, 4 units per floor are usually enough.

Also note, that 1 controller is able to control up to 8 units.
If more controllers are installed, the maximum number of controllable units can be increased,
therefore we are able to cope with larger construction projects such as hotels and commercial facilities.

Please contact us for ventilation calculations and deal proposals. This service is free of charge.
You may also refer to our example page for reference.

The "Seseragi®" can not be installed in a toilet.
For the toilet, we recommend the ceiling ventilation fan with motion sensor "AUX Fan", specifically designed for use in the toilet and coexistence with heat exchange ventilation systems.

For bathrooms and kitchens, please use the corresponding ventilation fan as supplied by the manufacturer.
*For the purpose of a uniform exterior, we have extra "Seseragi®" outdoor covers that can be attached to kitchen or toilet ventilation outlets.

Total heat exchange ventilation.
Moisture (water vapor) is absorbed and collected on the surface of the ceramic element.
However, the humidification effect is not as high as the dehumidification effect.

DC motors don't cause problems with the power outlets and run on a lower voltage than the power supply.
Voltage is converted by a high-performance distribution board.

Warranty lasts for 1 year.
Registered customers can extend the warranty to 3 years free of charge (10 years for the ceramic element).
If you are interested in that, please write "Free Extended Warranty" in the inquiry form remarks column and send it.

We recommend you to check the filters once in about 3 months.
Naturally, this depends on the pollution level in your region. When the filter gets dirty, please clean or renew it.

The standard filters are washable. After cleaning, wait until they are fully dried before reinstalling.

Since PM2.5 and pollen filters, antibacterial filters and deodorizing filters can not be washed with water, please purchase a replacement filter on Amazon.

VMP/VMPX series controller will turn on a filter replacement symbol once every 3 months as a guide for maintenance.

Controller filter change indicator
A) VM1 controller: filter maintenance
The controller will display a filter check symbol approximately after 6 months of use. At that time, the controller enters "setting mode".
Refer to the following for how to handle each (① filter replacement, ② controller setting mode).

①Filter change display
If the button flashes as shown in the movie, it's a sign to clean/replace the filter.
*The light continues to flash even after filter replacement, so please reset the controller.
*The phone number shown in the video has changed. The new number is: (+81)3-6433-2831
*Refer to the instruction manual on page 11 to 14.

②How to reset the VM1 controller (used until March 2013)
1. Hold the "ON/OFF" button for more than 15 seconds.
2. When completed, the 5 LEDs around the air volume setting will slowly flash 3 times and then return to their normal state.

③How to reset the VM1 controller (used from April 2013)
1. Press and hold the "PROGR." button for at least 6 seconds until the LED goes out.
2. Upon releasing your finger, the LED will once flash 3 times.
3. The reset is complete
*for reference, please read this page.

B) VMP/VMPX controller (since June 2015): filter maintenance
The filter maintenance button will light up after 3960 hours of operation time. When that happens, please clean/replace the filter.
Afterwards, hold down the filter button on the controller for about 5 seconds to reset the timer.
Refer to the VMP/VMPX manual for details.

・Heat exchange element and fan unit
PEJ super ventilation makes maintenance easy. The heat exchange element can be washed under flowing water. Please clean the fan unit with a dish towel. About once a year should suffice.

There are two types of exclusive "Seseragi®" filters: the standard filter and the PM2.5 pollen filter.
The pollen filter can stop particles bigger than 10 μm with a high collection rate of about 71% to 96%. If you have pollen allergic family members, you can use the pollen filter care-free.
Filter lineup

During the warranty period, replacement parts will be supplied free of charge. We will individually consult about the replacement method.

We don't only sell products, but also offer consulting and advice on design, diagrams and construction methods, if desired.

Installation is simple. During construction, please make sure to refer to the construction instructions. If you are no professional, it is best practice to ask an electrical construction company to install the machine. Please contact us if you have any inquiries regarding construction methods.
TEL: (+81)03‐6433‐2831

Ventilation requirements vary, depending on the house's conditions.
A lot of ventilation is needed when, there are many people in the house, or when a lot of water vapor is produced from cooking and bathing, or when using a gas stove etc.
Generally, one person needs approximately 20 ~ 30 m³ of ventilation per hour. If there are 4 people in the house, the required ventilation rate will be 120 m³/h. Then, if the total airspace is say 240 m³, a ventilation frequency of 0.5 is required.
In other words, half of the house's air needs to be replaced every hour. When building a house, be sure to measure whether the required ventilation rate can be obtained. We offer ventilation calculations for free.

We have fire protective FD dampers on hand, so we can accommodate installations in fire protected areas.

Currently, we can make deliveries in Japan within 3 to 4 working days upon receiving the order.

We have a small sample of our heat storage element.
You can experience the heat exchange efficiency first-hand by using a hair dryer.
If you wish for a sample, please contact us via the form above.

If you wish to exhibit a "Seseragi®" device, you will need to purchase a model from us.
Please note that we also hold exhibitions and are looking forward to seeing you there!

Due to the ceramic element's surface structure, no odor is absorbed. When ventilating 24/7, the air is always in motion and the concentration of odorous particles will kept very low. Thus, there is almost no problem of mold generation.

We sell the product directly. Please fill out the request for quotation form and send it via email or FAX.

Companies can also make the purchase via Japan Building Materials Co., Ltd. and Hashimoto Sogyo Co., Ltd.
We ask private customers to contact a construction company.

  1. 1. The controller does not do anything. (LED on・LED off)
    1. Hold the power button for more than 5 seconds.
    2. Make sure the main power source and breaker are supplied with power.
    3. Make sure that the main power supply wiring to the controller is not broken.
  2. 2. The fan does not do anything.
    1. Check the wiring. (is it connected to the controller?)
    2. Check the connection and wiring of the fan connector section.
    3. Check the connection and wiring of the controller connector section.
    4. Make sure that the wiring to the fan is not broken.
    5. Check the controller wiring.
  3. 3. 1 fan operates on high level (unable to adjust)
    1. Check the controller wiring.
    2. Check the white wire connecting the fan and the branch board.
  4. 4. The controller's LED is not lit
    1. The controller is turned off. Hold the power button.
    2. The humidity monitoring setting mode has been entered. Humidity monitoring is off.
  5. 5. 1~4 did not solve the problem.
    1. Please contact us. We can smoothly respond if you state your agency name, construction company name, property name and problems in detail.

For all other questions and more detailed explanations, feel free to contact us.