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Ceiling type
DC-motor・energy saving・silent・long-living

Automatic exhaust fan with built-in radar sensor

Picture of the AUX Fan.


Compatible with heat exchange ventilation systems.

Picture of a clean bathroom.

The latest radar sensor technology built-in

The AUX Fan is equipped with the latest radar sensor technology. It recognizes movement and automatically starts the exhaust process when someone enters the room. After ~10 minutes, the fan is automatically stopped and the shutter closed to prevent backflow.

Conventional infrared type sensors need to be installed externally, but the AUX Fan's sensor is integrated. This keeps it simple, as there is no need for extra wiring to operate the sensor.

Image of the radar sensor.
Performance comparison Infrared type sensor(PIR) Radar sensor
External lens Required Not required
Manual timer adjustment Required Not required
Aging Occurs Does not occur
Malfunction caused by solar radiation Occurs Does not occur
Malfunction by heating/heat sources Occurs Does not occur
Image of a person entering the toilet. He is deteted by the radar sensor.

The AUX Fan adopted a radar type human sensor. Unlike a conventional infrared sensor, small pets and sunlight can no longer be mistaken for a person, preventing unnecessary ventilation operations.

The AUX Fan sends out a small amount of radar waves to determine the position of people in the room. It can detect that people remain in the room even if they stopped moving. The AUX Fan runs for ~10 minutes after detecting movement.

Image of a person leaving the bathroom, while the AUX Fan is running.

Upon leaving the bathroom, the AUX Fan recognizes that there is no longer a person inside and will exhaust air for up to 10 minutes.

The radar sensor runs on a very weak current with almost no power consumption.

Moreover, a power-saving DC type motor is used.

The AUX Fan provides optimal local ventilation, even in combination with a heat exchange ventilation system.
A heat exchange ventilation system ventilates air both in- and outwards simultaneously. The balance between inflow and outflow is highly important, because such a system absorbs heat when exhausting and returns this heat when ventilating inwards. Heat exchange ventilation is optimized to equalize in- and outflow to maintain a high heat exchange efficiency. If however a local ventilation fan, such as a toilet fan, sucks out air and operates in tandem with a heat exchange ventilation system, negative pressure will result in a decreased efficiency for the heat exchange ventilation system. That is how the AUX Fan was born.

Product specifications

Series Number A15050-130-0004 AUX FAN
(built-in radar sensor)
Manual type
Dimensions (mm) 210×210×165 210×210×165
Duct diameter (mm) Ø100 Ø100
Power supply (V/Hz) 100-240 (V) , 50-60 (Hz) 100-240 (V) , 50-60 (Hz)
Speed stage Normal Normal
Power consumption (W) 4.5 4.5
Air flow (m³/h) 120 120
Noise (dB(A)) 29 dB(A) @1m 29 dB(A) @1m
Weight (Kg) 1.7 kg 1.7 kg
Backflow prevention shutter Yes Yes
Radar sensor Yes No
Outdoor cover Yes Yes
Filter Yes Yes
Price (tax excluded) $528.64 $415.09


The latest technology, simple and beautiful design
This energy-saving fan is a product that combines rich experience in motor development with international product design. Adopting a DC motor, this fan merges aesthetic sense, the knowledge of fluid mechanics and transmission technology together.


Energy saving technology

With DC motor technology, the noise is quiet and power consumption can be cut by 80% in comparison to a conventional fan.



Space efficient



100 ~ 240VAC correspondence
Safe auto start motor
Ventilation shutter

Fire protection

Incombustible materials

Synthetic resin UL94V-0 for fire protection

Fan attributes Conventional
AC type
DC type
Motor type AC motor DC motor
Noise 45 dB(A) 29 dB(A)
Power consumption 24W 4.5W
save 80%
power consumption

Acoustic performance laboratory

Image of a room of silence.

Backflow preventing outdoor cover

Piture of the backflow preventing outdoor cover.

The outdoor cover KK2 has a windproof backflow prevention effect. The specially designed structure prevents wind from intruding and helps avert room temperature drops.

Toilet use・Bathroom use

  • Diameter: Ø100 mm
  • Color: Stainless steel silver

Dimension drawing and PQ curve

Built-in radar sensor type AUX Fan

AUX Fan dimensions drawing.
Graph displaying static pressure (Pa) pn the y-axis and air flow (m³/h) on the x-axis.
A beautiful bathroom.

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